Parents School

October 2015

We are aware of the difficulties to teach our children, that is why we consider the Parents School to be a good way of orientating you in many topics of great importance. The talks we organize during the year are totally free and topics such as jealousy, tantrums, sleep, the development of infant language or any other topic that might arise interest of our parents.


C/Salamanca, 30


Phone/Fax (+34) 96 334 70 74


Kinder School

Kinder is a preschool center dedicated almost 40 years to the care, attention, education and integral development of children up to 3 years.

Center subsidized by the Conselleria de Educación


 C/ Salamanca, 30 - 46005 Valencia

+34 96 334 70 74

Kinder collaborates with:

creative handicrafts mas que fisio

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