Our philosophy

October 2015

Being fully conscious of the great responsibility that parents bestow upon our team when giving us the care and education of their children at such young ages. In Kinder we strive every day in creating a familiar, warm and happy surrounding for the full development of the children.

We believe that for an adequate growth there must be a perfect attunement between the education and the habits that a child receives in the family environment and which is taught at the school. That’s why we have a very warm and approachable environment for the school to be a rich prolongation of the life at home.

We offer a multilingual environment in English, Spanish and Valencian. We consider that growing up with several languages since a young ages, in a natural way, makes learning a new language effortless.


C/Salamanca, 30


Phone/Fax (+34) 96 334 70 74



Kinder School

Kinder is a preschool center dedicated almost 40 years to the care, attention, education and integral development of children up to 3 years.

Center subsidized by the Conselleria de Educación


 C/ Salamanca, 30 - 46005 Valencia


+34 96 334 70 74

Kinder collaborates with:

creative handicrafts mas que fisio

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